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victoria weed delivery bc

victoria weed delivery bc

NYC Diesel is a SATIVA that has won 9 many awards.The strain is a citrus sweet as red grapefruit.  Also it is tinged with just a bit of diesel. Such a rare taste delivers a powerful high that most often energizes users and activates their minds. This activation usually comes coupled with uplifting feelings of euphoria and a burst of insightful creativity.

The NYC Diesel strain originates from none other than the Big Apple itself. It is an indica-leaning hybrid and boasts THC levels of around 20%. NYC Diesel is a great strain for social anxiety, stress, energy, and enthusiasm – so it couldn’t be any more perfect of a strain for the city that never sleeps.

In other words, if you haven’t tried NYC Diesel weed, you are completely blowing it. But fear not! We are going to give you the complete rundown on this energizing.

Like any excellent sativa bud, the NYC Diesel strain offers an effective boost of energy, focus, and overall positivity. For these reasons, the strain can serve as an excellent option for getting things done, as well as combating a range of mental health-related conditions.

Simply open a bag or jar containing authentic NYC Diesel, and you’ll feel like you stuck your head in a tank of jet fuel. Even for cannabis it’s an unusually pungent smell, and it can be hard to experience anything like it outside of Sour Diesel – it’s closely related cousin. However, the initial musky smell is gradually overwhelmed by sweet grapefruit and lime, turning your home into a citrus paradise.

And in terms of taste, NYC Diesel is perhaps unsurprisingly not as intense as its scent – which might be a good thing! Just a few tokes, and smokers might begin to taste a mild spice and herbal flavor with an aftertaste that brings back the familiar, trademark scent of diesel.

All in all, you wouldn’t be far off in asserting that NYC diesel weed is a sativa-dominant strain due to the strong presence of Mexican landrace genetics. However, the fact that it boasts some genes from an Afghani cultivar as well means it’s probably got some decent indica genes lying around in there somewhere as well.

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